Marketing audits

We provide insights and actionable points to make sure your marketing runs smoothly

At TheNewsMarket, we pride ourselves in providing actionable insights into a range of marketing channels. Through our digital marketing audits, we analyse different elements of your online business and provide in-depth feedback and next steps to make sure your marketing is fully optimised going forward. Our experienced marketing team can deliver the following for your organisation:

  • Brand audit – incorporating SEO, PPC, UX, social media, web traffic and marketing collateral, our in-depth brand audit analyses the key areas of your digital marketing and provides the foundations for an up-to-date digital marketing strategy
  • SEO audit – we explore what is and isn’t working on your website, while providing actionable next steps so you can better optimise your site to climb the SERP
  • PPC audit – our Google Ads and social media marketing specialists analyse your campaign set-up and history, looking into all aspects of ads including keywords, ad copy, targeting and more.
  • UX audit – TheNewsMarket can crawl your website and make suggestions on website structure, on-page elements and the overall user-experience of the site, in-line with your organisation’s objectives and customer behaviour.
  • Social media audit – we look across all your social media profiles and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your content, following/follower audiences and profile optimisation status, so you can grow your audience and be discovered by the right people.
  • Web traffic analysis – TheNewsMarket looks at your Google Analytics account and explores a range of key audience data, including traffic sources, demographics, locations, devices and top performing pages, giving you insight into your users and how to best engage them.
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