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in-person event to the world

TheNewsMarket helps event organisers create greater engagement by taking their in-person events to a global audience. From building state-of-the-art digital platforms that live stream to multiple channels, editorial creativity, live production, on-location presenting, and social media integration, TheNewsMarket is a one-stop shop that delivers your event to the world.

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Reach a global audience

Do you want your in-person event to engage a much wider audience?

As an in-person event organiser you excel at attracting visitors, but are you also confident you’re reaching the wider, global audience?


TheNewsMarket has developed a next-generation event platform technology that enables event organisers to reach, engage and build global audiences. 


It’s white-labelled, so your bespoke platform looks and feels just like your own brand.

live event production
Multiple live streams

Does your event feature a number of sessions running at the same time?

Live events rarely schedule one speaker at a time, so why should you miss-out on a technology that can live stream multiple sessions around the world, all at the same time?

The digital platforms we build have the capability to live stream numerous, simultaneous events, with a dedicated producer curating the feed live, all in real-time.

Video-on-demand offers audiences access to content around the clock and across different time zones. The event platform can also integrate social media posts from your chosen channels.

Engage throughout the year

Do you struggle to maintain audience engagement after your event has finished?

While your event is in full swing, do you feel you have the time and resources to capture all the stories and content it’s generating?

This is where our experienced production team can provide invaluable support. With camera crew, producers, experienced news reporters and editors, we can capture the event highlights, bringing together the big stories to create evergreen content, from video-on-demand and social clips, through to your event’s own daily TV show. Your digital event platform can be used to host content and engage your audiences throughout the year.

Maximise your revenue opportunities

Do you want to unlock new and additional commercial opportunities?

With live streaming on your new, advanced event platform comes a whole host of new commercial opportunities, as well as new advertising opportunities for your sponsors and exhibitors.


Just like a commercial TV channel or website, you can play sponsor adverts, display advertorials and banner ads, and schedule commercial programming, all of which are controlled and curated by our in-house production team. Live and pre-recorded interviews with sponsors and stakeholders also offer added value to your current commercial offerings.

Bespoke data gathering

Do you want specific analytics and bespoke data gathering?

Every event is individual and we recognise so too is the data and analytical reporting organisers require to add value each year.


Which is why we build bespoke analytics, providing specific audience intelligence and giving organisers the insights for sponsor ROI. Unlike YouTube, we create reports on views, impressions, demographics, what people have watched, what content resonated, creating tangible marketing opportunities.

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