Politics & Economics

German Foreign Office

The challenge

Create a series of hybrid and virtual events for the German Federal Foreign Office, during the six months of German Presidency of the EU. A debate series covering Europe and the world's most pressing issues, ‘Diplomacy in Dialogue' aimed to raise awareness and engage a younger demographic in political issues.

The method

Eight hybrid events were produced in a studio in Berlin and streamed from our facilities in Brussels, featuring a presenter, guest speakers and contributors who joined virtually. In addition, five fully-virtual events were anchored from our London studio and mixed in Brussels. Interactivity features enabled the online audience to participate in the dialogue through moderated chat boxes.

The outcome

With high profile contributors, including the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, the events successfully raised the profile of political figures and issues to a younger and much wider audience.

“Thanks to you, we really could present the Foreign Office in an interactive, digital and still approachable way and break down complicated topics into easily understandable and fun-to-watch video clips.”

Rebecca Kašēns, Deputy Head of Unit, Citizens’ Dialogue and Domestic Public Relations – Foreign Policy in Germany, German Federal Foreign Office