Broadcast from the heart of Europe


Based in the centre of Brussels, with a balcony overlooking the headquarters of the European Commission, the Berlaymont, our newly refurbished broadcast studio is now live.


The fully equipped studio comes with the latest high-tech equipment from Panasonic, Sony, Sennheiser, and more. Offering four cameras, the facility is suitable for the full range of productions including debates, interviews, and presentations. It features four 65” LED displays that can be individually fed by different video sources. With a full-size green screen background and broadcast-quality keyer, you can be certain that your branding requirements will be met.

Discover why our studio is world-leading

From a full professional audio mixing desk to 300 Mbps symmetrical fiber internet for streaming, the studio can capture and deliver your creativity in real time. Download the studio brochure now for the full specifications.

Key Features:
  • Multi-camera production studio with a director, sound engineer, prompter operator and more
  • Remote guests and locations with full bidirectional video and audio return
  • Virtual sets and green key recordings
  • Professional live streaming to social media or a customized platform
  • Teleprompter
  • Fibre connectivity to all broadcasters
Download our full-spec brochure

Click the download button below to receive the Headline studio brochure containing the full specifications, use options and more.

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Our new studio is ideally located for brands and broadcasters alike who are committed to high-quality streaming, recording and production services in the centre of one of Europe’s most important cities. The studio is now available for all multi-camera live and pre-recorded show formats, virtual events, interviews, corporate presentations, product launches, webinars, media training and podcast recording and filming.

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