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Benchmarked against other online newsroom providers, newsrooms from TheNewsMarket provide an engaging and feature-rich experience at a fraction of the price. From a dedicated account manager to a full publishing service on, our award-winning newsrooms make sure your stories are optimised to reach your target audience.


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Best-in-class newsroom features

When it comes to bespoke features, we’re top of the leader board. Designed in line with customer feedback, our newsrooms are built to address common problems quickly and are frequently updated to meet your needs and exceed industry standards. 

Not only does our software have a responsive and intuitive user interface, we also deliver first-rate results and services at a competitive price. Your dedicated account manager is always available to answer any questions while providing additional services, including digital marketing, production and editorial guidance. 


What makes TheNewsMarket special?

PioneeringEach feature is researched and tested by our customers and journalists to ensure they’re right for you.

SophisticatedOur technology can adapt to advanced features, such as live streaming, or can even be customised for your specific needs.

OptimisedOur newsrooms do what they’re meant to do – get your stories seen. Our CMS keeps SEO at the heart of the technology.

OutreachTake advantage of our 24/7 publishing team or get trained up to manage your own content.

Boost – Distribute your content further through, used by 36,000+ media outlets around the world.

DiscoverableYour newsroom is the shop window for your content, with assets and information expertly organised and easy to locate.

AccessibleFrom media shopping carts to multiple languages, we make sure your stories are accessible to journalists across the world.



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