Introducing the GreenNewsMarket

The GreenNewsMarket hosts and publishes climate action and ESG stories, comment, quotes, information, brand-owned content and copyright-free images to journalists and media outlets. Get involved. If you are interested in distributing your stories to our highly-engaged, global network of journalists and influencers, or in our video and podcast production services.

This Earth Day the GreenNewsMarket celebrated its one-year anniversary. Since the launch, we’ve published a stream of insightful and timely stories from brands and organisations from across the globe.


The debate around climate change is the most important conversation in our lifetime. Regardless of where your business is, what it does, and how it operates, you and your customers will feel the impact of changing weather patterns and changing landscapes. Brands and companies around the world are working to transform how they work and operate – becoming more sustainable, reducing their emissions, and re-evaluating their priorities.

On the GreenNewsMarket, you will find the latest news, editorial features, interviews, and information on sustainability and climate action, plus brand-owned stories and copyright-free media assets. It is a vital tool for journalists in the modern world, whether they are reporting on a dedicated environmental beat or otherwise. The channel is also a great opportunity for brands and institutions to share their climate action stories, leadership, comment, information and inspiration.

Make sure your brand’s stories reach the people who matter with the GreenNewsMarket.